Attendance Enquiries

If pupils attend school every day their attendance will be 100% and they will receive a certificate for this at the termly Celebration Assembly.

Coming to school every day means they will learn and make progress. There is a strong link between attainment and attendance.

Reporting your child's absence

Please report your child's absence by 8:00 am for that day and for everyday of the student's absence.

If pupils are not in school, the preferred and easiest way to report an absence is via our attendance inbox by emailing

If phoning the school to report an absence, parents must telephone 020 8329 2587.

Parents must record

  • their child's name, spelling them both

  • their form

  • the reason for their absence.


Punctuality means being on time and is an important part of self–discipline and essential to good time management. The School Day starts at 8.30 am.

Pupils, who arrive late for whole school assemblies, but before the start of period 1 at 8.55, must enter the Hall by the back doors and report to the member of staff on late duty.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays pupils arriving after 8.30am, but before 8.55, should report to their tutor.

All pupils arriving after 8.55am must report to the school reception where the date and time of arrival will be recorded in their planner.

Persistent lateness to school and lessons will be dealt with through the school’s behaviour policy and detention systems.

Absence requests

Parents are strongly requested not to arrange family holidays during term time as we are unable to authorise these.