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Coombes Boys School

Coombe Inter-House Music Competition 2017

Coombe’s Inter-House Music Competition 2017 saw more boys than ever competing for their houses.  We are delighted to report that Shaftesbury were crowned overall house winners!

The opening category of the evening was the piano category with 8 entrants. The ensemble category followed featuring a Year 9 ensemble put together in music class, Year 10 group playing Keane, a Year 11 acoustic guitar trio and an electric guitar duo. To close the first half six vocalists took to the stage. This category demonstrated the amazing vocal talent at Coombe over a variety of different genres and year groups. The competition’s youngest entrance Charlie won 3rd prize, an emotional rendition of the 1975 ‘Robbers’ by George won 2nd prize and Dylan won the overall prize with his rat pack version of ‘My Funny Valentine’ complete with trumpet solo.

In the interval the audience were treated to an array of refreshments from The Young Enterprise teams and PFA. After the break, the new ‘composition’ category began with Cross Atlantic’s original track ‘You Want Me to Believe’ complete with guitar solo and rap break. Alex then was able to project his computing and music technology skills for the audience via the two screens in the Barton Hall. This was a first for the competition and something that will hopefully stay as more pupils engage with music technology at Coombe. A rap entry closed this category which demonstrated the power of the spoken word and was a fitting extension from the class projects in Year 8 this term.

The final category was the battle of the bands. This year the Blues band won the prize at their last ever Inter-House Music. The Blues band have been playing together since they were in Year 7 and can look back on their musical memories together fondly as they now move onto the next chapter in their lives. The whole evening came to a close when the school’s vocal groups; Year 7 Voices and Vox wowed the audience and the musical theatre company took over the stage with slick choreographed moves. Music is definitely alive at Coombe and we look forward to the next event where these talented boys can showcase their gifts.