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Coombes Boys School

Coombe Boys’ celebrate top Grades

Today Coombe Boys’ Year 11 students celebrate fantastic performances with record numbers achieving straight A, A*& A** grades.  The school has once again seen a 7% increase on last year’s results which remain significantly above the National average and continue the sustained upward trend.

The school was delighted to see over 10% of boys achieve the new Grade 9 (A**) for Mathematics, double the national standard. Meanwhile many boys swept the board with straight A, A*& A** grades and in English Language the school is celebrating a 10% increase in A*-C grades.

Among the top achievers are Duncan Gravestock who has been awarded x2 A** (the new grade 9), 7A*and 2A’s. Aaron Thomas who has been awarded x1 A** (the new grade 9), 7A* and 2A’s. Joe Hatley who has been awarded x1 A** (the new grade 9), 5A* and 6A’s and Michael Cottom who has been awarded x1 A** (the new grade 9), 5A* and 5A’s. Other boys celebrating A**(the new grade 9) alongside a string of A* and A grades include Hunter Greenfield, James Huggett, Leon Lebidineuse, Tom Manuel, Edward Smith and Ben Timmins.

Mr David Smith, Headteacher of Coombe Boys’ School, said:

“We are very proud of the wonderful results achieved by our year 11s, especially in relation to the high percentage of students who have achieved the new grade 9 (A**). This has been achieved through hard work on the parts of students and staff and I am grateful that we have such a proactive school community that has supported so many students to achieve their full potential.”