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Coombes Boys School


 Poetry Workshop with poet Lewis Buxton

Pupils will study a diverse range of literature, developing their appreciation of the writer's craft, as well as being taught how to establish their own writing style. Alongside this they will have opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills: becoming confident communicators and active listeners. Pupils' ongoing work is assessed regularly as well as through more formal termly examinations.

As well as providing a stimulating learning environment within the classroom, there are a wide array of opportunities for pupils outside the classroom: writing workshops, author and poet visits, theatre trips, public speaking competitions, debating and book clubs, to name a few.

Please click here for the Year 11 Revision Timetable.

Please click here for the Year 11 Revision Website Link.

Curriculum Maps are now available to download:

KS3 Curriculum Map

KS4 Curriculum Map

In addition, Curriculum Booklets (by year) are also available to download:

Year 7 Curriculum Booklet

Year 8 Curriculum Booklet

Year 9 Curriculum Booklet

Year 10 Curriculum Booklet

Year 11 Curriculum Booklet

Year 12 Curriculum Booklet

Year 13 Curriculum Booklet

Please click here to find a selection of engaging reading books suitable for KS2 pupils - aged 11-12years and here for 60 great books for reluctant readers at KS3.

Recommended reading List Year 7-9