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Coombes Boys School


Geography will help you to be more aware of everyday situations and issues faced by the people who live around you, in other parts of the UK, and across the world. Geography is a highly topical subject, ever changing as world events unfold.  When you see newspaper articles or television reports about a potential cataclysmic ‘supervolcanic’ eruption in the USA, then your geography course will help you make sense of what is going by making balanced judgements.  Geography will make you an aware and better informed citizen.  Studying geography with other subjects that interest you could lead to a promising future career. 

Please see below for the Curriculum Handbooks:

Year 7 Curriculum Handbook

Year 8 Curriculum Handbook

Year 9 Curriculum Handbook

Year 10 Curriculum Handbook

Year 11 Curriculum Handbook

Head of Geography: Mr R Hughes