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Coombes Boys School

Headteacher's Welcome

Coombe Boys’ School is the perfect school for your son. Our motto is ‘preparing you for a world of opportunity’

and we know that happy and fulfilling school days will provide the perfect foundation for a successful future. Our school is a place where he will exceed his academic potential and develop the confidence, independence and love of learning to ensure that he takes every opportunity that comes his way.

The step up to senior school is a momentous event in your son’s life. You’ll want to be certain that you’re choosing a school that will set him firmly on the path to success. At Coombe Boys’ School we know that ours is a school in which he will flourish. Our diverse, vibrant environment will stimulate and motivate him and give him the support and community he needs to become a well-balanced individual, a fully rounded member of society and a confident and ambitious young man.

The thrilling pace of technological change means that your son’s generation will soon be making their way in an exciting workplace, many of them doing jobs that we can barely imagine. It’s a hugely exciting opportunity for our pupils and at Coombe Boys’ School we’re proud to be equipping them with all the necessary skills to ensure that they prosper in this challenging new world.

The best way to properly understand our wonderful school is to visit us. We will be delighted to show you around and let you experience our unique atmosphere. And I’m certain that once you’ve seen it for yourself, you’ll be keen for your son to share his bright future with us.


Mr David Smith