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Coombes Boys School

Key Documents & Policies

Education Law Requirements

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Exclusion Policy (included in Behaviour Policy) Policies
Complaints Procedure Policies
Equality Policy
Equality and Accessibility Action Plan
Good Behaviour Policy & Exclusion Policy




Safe to Learn (included in Anti-Bullying Policy) Policies
Health & Safety - Responsibility and Powers Policies
Health & Safety - Educational Visits Policies
eSafety Policy Policies
Term Dates Term Dates
Times of the School Day The School Day
Newsletters Newsletters
Holidays in Term Time Attendance & Absence
Virtual Learning Environment Pupil Portals

Funding Agreement Requirements

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Latest Annual Accounts Academy Documentation
Memorandum and Articles of Assocation Academy Documentation
Funding Agreement Academy Documentation
Governance Governance


New School Information Publication Requirements

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Contact Details Contact Us
Pupil Premium Report Policies
Year 7 Curriculum Information Curriculum
Year 8 Curriculum Information Curriculum
Year 9 Curriculum Information Curriculum
Key Stage 4 Curriculum Information Curriculum
Key Stage 5 Curriculum Sixth Form Site
Admissions Policy - Boys' School Admissions
Admissions Policy - Sixth Form                                                 Admissions
Charging Policy Policies
SEN Policy Policies
SEND Information Report - For Parents Policies
Equal Opportunities Policy Policies
Ofsted Report - 2013 Ofsted
Examinations Results Report Results
Ethos Parents

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