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Coombes Boys School


At all key stages newly-arrived EAL pupils are initially assessed by the EAL coordinator.  Those in the early stages of learning English receive targeted intervention.  At KS3 this usually takes the form of regular in-class support from an EAL teacher or teaching assistant.  These students can also be withdrawn for EAL induction lessons on a weekly basis and their progress is monitored as appropriate. 

In years 10 and 11 EAL pupils receive support with coursework and help with exam preparation, as well as targeted language teaching to help them access the curriculum if appropriate.  New arrivals can select an EAL option lesson where targeted intervention is provided. 

At Coombe Boys’ we also understand that starting at a new school in a new country with a new language can be daunting.  We work hard to help new pupils settle in and adjust to their new environment. An important part of this is providing pupils with the opportunity to socialise, make friends and learn something new about their new home.  Consequently, the EAL Department organises two trips per year for boys who recently arrived in the UK.  We go bowling in December and on a sightseeing trip to Central London in the summer months.  These excursions always prove fun and educational for all involved.