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Coombes Boys School

Parent Pay

How to pay for items at school 

At Coombe Boys' School parents and carers are able to for for items using the following methods:

Online via Parentpay or at a Paypoint Store

We will only be accepting cash for a very limited number of items. To pay by either of these methods you will require access to the internet.

You can download a ParentPay guide here 


There are two ways in which money can be paid into a student’s account 

  1. Online: Using a system called 'Parentpay' parents/carers can top up the account, view the balance and see what their children have been eating.
  2. Paypoint: If parents/carers don’t wish to make payments online the school will issue them with a plastic card that can be taken to any Paypoint store, where a payment can be made.

Before your son/daughter can use this system she will need to be enrolled. This will happen on their first day at a school.

Your ‘Parentpay’ account details are given to parents when your son/daughter starts. This will allow you to top up their account through the secure website and also to see the items they have purchased. You will be able to add funds to their account straight away.

There is a £5.00 per day limit placed on the spending of all students. If you wish this to be altered for your son/daughter it will be possible for us to do so. If for any reason there are ever insufficient funds in your son/daughter’s account, they will be able to claim one meal. The cost of this will be redeemed when the next payment is made. We would always encourage parents/carers to make payments that would cover at least two weeks of meals at a time as this will help to ease the administrative burden.

Find out more about ParentPay