Reporting your child's absence

Please report your child's absence by 8:00 am for that day and for everyday of the student's absence.

If pupils are not in school, the preferred and easiest way to report an absence is via our attendance inbox by emailing

If phoning the school to report an absence, parents must telephone 020 8329 2587.

Parents must record

  • their child's name, spelling them both

  • their form

  • the reason for their absence.

Parent App

Click on the Arbor Logo to get started, please see the instructions below.

PARENTPAY - We are now using Arbor for payments too and all existing balances should have been transferred to the Arbor account on 1st June 2022. If you had requested a refund before half term (or were notified that a refund was processed) you will need to log onto ParentPay, access the Parent Account and withdraw the funds (unless your account is being used for other schools in which case the funds can be used to purchase items/top up lunches). Please see the instructions for this here.

For further guidance about the Arbor Parent App - please see the helpful articles on this page.

Parent Portal and Arbor App leaflet (1).pdf