Coombe Boys’ School Curriculum Intent

At Coombe Boys’ School we are passionate about providing learners with opportunities that they would never have had before. We believe that the curriculum should provide a challenging, inspirational and transformational experience.

We are dedicated to ensuring that all students receive a high quality education via an ambitious, well designed and well sequenced curriculum, which is broad and balanced, truly comprehensive and accessible to all students. It provides opportunities for students to gain useful and transferable skills as detailed in the “coombe learner profile”. It enables high standards of academic achievement, where outcomes empower students to successfully embark on their chosen pathways.

The curriculum supports the continued development of outstanding pedagogy. Including robust assessment and feedback across all subjects and key stages. It ensures that students are well prepared for key transition points through systematic care, support and guidance. Students have the opportunity to study in a manner that supports their needs and the range of courses assists them to develop academically and socially. It affords opportunities for all pupils to develop the high level of literacy and numeracy required for success in the wider curriculum and in adult life.

The curriculum challenges injustices and develops a sense of community that links to the culture, ethos and local context of the school. Students’ perspectives expand through a range of spiritual, moral, social and cultural opportunities. It reflects our priorities of wellbeing and good physical and mental health. Subject content reflects the multicultural nature of our society and our school.

The curriculum aims to inspire the imagination and to develop an aspiration and a work ethic that will enable learners to achieve their ambitions in a “world of opportunity”.

Curriculum overview for subjects

(Overviews for other subjects coming soon)