School uniform is to be worn by all pupils at all times including both to and from school.

Years 7 - 11

  • Coombe black blazer
  • Coombe tie
  • White shirt
  • Black or charcoal trousers (not black jeans)
  • Black shoes (not black trainers/canvas)
  • Outside coats should be dark in colour and plain.
  • Optional: Coombe jumper and Coombe scarf

Hoodies and non uniform tops are not to be worn. No jewellery is to be worn, except a watch. Extreme/cult hair styles are not acceptable.

If you are not dressed in correct school uniform you must produce a dated note from your parents explaining the reason. This note should be presented to your form tutor who will issue you with a green uniform slip. If you continually arrive in school without a note from your parents you may be required to report to a member of the SLT who may telephone your parents and send you home to get your uniform.