Coombe prepares each student for the World of Opportunity by enabling individuals to flourish through:

- innovative teaching that is inspirational, compelling and fun. It engages every learner in their journeys of self-discovery, fulfilment and academic excellence.

- a community in which empathy, tolerance, integrity and shared purpose promote exemplary behaviour and outstanding relationships between all.

- developing confident learners who are, resilient and committed to shaping their world. They are proud of their abilities, highly ambitious and excited about their potential.

Ethos, Values and Curriculum Principles of the Coombe Academy Trust

Coombe Academy Trust - Collaboration - Ambition - Trust - Preparing you for a world of opportunity

‘Preparing you for a world of opportunity’.

Coombe Academy Trust is committed to ensuring outstanding leadership at all levels underpinned by the values of Collaboration - Ambition - Trust.

Bespoke professional development ensures lifelong learning for all staff in an environment where success at all levels is recognised and celebrated. In turn this provides a high standard of inclusive education for our children and young people, one in which their lives are enriched with meaningful opportunities and achieves the best possible wellbeing and academic outcomes. In short, this ensures children and young people leave Coombe Academy Trust well prepared for their next stage in life and education, and prepares them for a world of opportunity.