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Key Stage 4 Options

The information on this page will help to guide you and your son through the decision making process, enabling your son to make informed subject choices about their curriculum for Year 10 and 11. 

At Coombe Boys’ School we are extremely ambitious for our students and our Key Stage 4 curriculum matches this. It is broad and balanced and accessible to all students. 

We have a wide variety of subjects that allow students to personalise their curriculum in a way that suits their interests and talents.  Our curriculum is truly inclusive and we offer a wide range of GCSE courses alongside a range of BTEC courses.  

When considering which subjects to choose, it is important that your son makes informed choices and chooses subjects that he enjoys, that he has an interest in and that will motivate him to be the best that he can be, giving him the drive and determination to be successful.


KS4 Options Information Presentation

Options Booklet