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Coombes Boys School

Head of Year 7 Welcome

Dear Parents/Carers,

The move to secondary school is an exciting and important step in the life of every young man. Here at Coombe, we understand this transition can be a worrying and anxious time. As a community we are here to support the boys in every part of their journey.

This journey starts well before September, as the pupils are visited in their Primary schools by a member of Coombe staff or invited to an organised visit to see us here at Coombe. The boys will then have the opportunity to spend a whole day with us at an induction day on Wednesday 1st July. This day is designed for pupils to get to know each other, staff, and familiarize themselves with their new learning environment.

On this day, pupil will find out what house they will be in, other pupils in their tutor group, and their form tutor. They will experience a taste of what lessons are like at Coombe and also have a full tour of the school. We hope to reassure, enthuse and inspire pupils so they feel confident about joining us in September and welcomed into our school community.

At Coombe we believe that every pupil is an important individual and we strive to ensure that every boy is happy and able to achieve success. It gives me great pleasure to be able to support your son in his pastoral and academic needs and I am certain with the support of staff and yourselves, your son will have a successful first year at Coombe and take advantage of the all the opportunities available to him.

Mr Pellett
Head of Year 7