Welcome to our Year 9 Options Information Virtual Event

The information on this page will help to guide you and your son through the decision making process, enabling your son to make informed subject choices about their curriculum for Year 10 and 11.

All videos on this page will be launched at 6pm on Wednesday 10th February.

At Coombe Boys’ School we are extremely ambitious for our students and our Key Stage 4 curriculum matches this. It is broad and balanced and accessible to all students. We have a wide variety of subjects that allow students to personalise their curriculum in a way that suits their interests and talents. Our curriculum is truly inclusive and we offer a wide range of GCSE courses alongside a range of BTEC courses.

When considering which subjects to choose, it is important that your son makes informed choices and chooses subjects that he enjoys, that he has an interest in and that will motivate him to be the best that he can be, giving him the drive and determination to be successful.

This virtual event has a range of information and resources available, please note all the videos on this page will be viewable from 6pm on Wednesday 10th February:

Year 9 Options Information Overview Presentation - we advise that you watch this first.

Please note this video will be released on Wednesday 10th February at 6pm.

Presentation Slides used in this video - You can open this up by clicking in the top right corner.

Year 9 Options Information Overview Presentation 2021

Subject presentation for English, Maths and Science

Please note these videos will be released on Wednesday 10th February at 6pm.

Year 9 Options Booklet - additional information on the curriculum and subjects available.

Scroll down on the document or open up by clicking in the top right corner.

Options Booklet 2021

Selecting your Year 9 option choices: SIMS Online Form Guide - a step by step guide on how to complete the online options form.

Selecting your Year 9 Option Choices - SIMS Online Form Guide.pdf

Key Dates

There are also additional events taking place to further help guide and support you and your son and the key dates for these are below.

Monday 1st February to Friday 12th February

  • Year 9 Careers Education, Information and Guidance weeks - subject talks and guidance from tutors during tutor time.

  • ‘Assemblies’ for ‘new’ subjects

- Media Studies and Business Studies

Wednesday 10th February - Virtual event 6pm

  • Year 9 Virtual Opportunities and Information event

  • Options Booklet available to view on website

Thursday 11th February

  • SIMS Online Options Form emailed to students school email address

Wednesday 3rd March - Online 4pm to 7pm

  • Year 9 Parent/Carer Progress evening

Friday 12th March

  • Options form deadline

Summer Term 2

  • Option choices confirmed with students and parents