Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Our Aim:

To develop integrity through a diverse and equitable community where every person is heard, recognised as an individual and feels valued and respected.  Our shared purpose promotes exemplary behaviour, outstanding and supportive relationships between all and above all, ensures kindness permeates every day life.


Equalities Objectives:

  • To develop student understanding of acceptable language with regard to protected characteristics and ensure a harmonious environment is maintained including training for staff and governors regarding equality and diversity. 

  • To develop more opportunities for student voice around DEI and understanding of diversity within the student body to increase social cohesion.

  • To develop a diverse and decolonised curriculum in order to create a greater sense of belonging for all students with protected characteristics.


The diverse work do we do at Coombe:


Each year group has a DEI focus:

  • Year 7 Disability and Ableism

  • Year 8 Sexuality and Homophobia

  • Year 9 Race and Nationality

  • Year 10 Sexism and Gender

  • Year 11 Mental Health

  • Sixth Form - All diverse themes

Links to the Pastoral curriculums 7-13 Learning


Each year group is visited by a diverse speaker or involved in a social action project at least once a year

  • Year 7 had a speaker from Blossom House a Specialist Education providor

  • Year 8 conducted a social action project on homelessness and poverty

  • Year 9 were visited by a Holocaust Survivor during Refugee week

  • Year 10 conducted a social action project on violence and sexism towards women

  • Year 11 were visited by the Mental Health project to support with exam stress

  • The sixth form had a culture day to celebrate their diverse nature

  • Whole school were visited by John Azhar from Kingston Racial Equality Council

These are just a few of the visits and diverse projects that took place across the school over the last year.



Pastoral Curriculum DEI Scheme Of Learning covers DEI education across the year through assemblies and active tutorials.  

These cover protected characteristics and other important topics:

  • Race / nationality

  • Disability

  • Gender / sexism

  • Sexuality / homophobia

  • Mental health

  • Religious discrimination

  • Poverty and privilege

  • Refugees and asylum seekers